Evangelism in Action

Evangelism in Action

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..." Matthew 28:19

These words forever changed the course of history. Beginning in September 2021, we will begin to devote our time in the Sunday evening service to renew our ongoing efforts to reach out to the community with the good news of Jesus.  

Discussion questions will be added on this webpage monthly, and class discussions will be recorded and added to the Bible Studies webpage under Online Resources.


Lesson 1 - 9/19/2021 - Encourage and Edify

The purpose of this lesson is to create in us a renewed mind toward reaching out to the lost souls around us.  As we enter this study it would be good for us to leave our emotions at the door and enter with the understanding that we will be challenged by the Word to make some changes in not only our actions, but also our attitudes toward our roles within Christ body.

Questions for Discussion:

  1. What is your concept of evangelism? What does it involve?
  2. Do you feel guilty when you hear a lesson on evangelism? Does that guilt translate into action or despair?
  3. What should our attitude and/or motivations be when we approach the subject of evangelism (other than guilt)? 
  4. What do you hope to get out of this series? What personal goals do you have?


Lesson 2 - 10/17/2021 - Barriers to Evangelism

The purpose for this lesson is to introduce and discuss different barriers that we may encounter as we strive to reach out with the Gospel of Christ.  Some of these barriers are self imposed and some are set up by the world, but we should always look for ways to build bridges to the hearts of people.  The Gospel is for all, and we do not want anything to prevent it from all who will hear.

Questions for Discussion:

  1. Identify barriers to evangelism that you notice.
  2. What are some ways that we can overcome these barriers?
  3. How can we build bridges where barriers once existed?


Lesson 3 - 11/21/2021 - Communicating the Gospel

In this lesson we are going to discuss the importance of communicating the Gospel message in a way that is most helpful to the individual we are talking with.  We see Paul present the same message in different ways to different audiences.  Jesus did the same thing when discussing the good news of the Kingdom with different people with different backgrounds.  

Questions for Discussion:

  1. Should we adapt our presentation of the gospel to the person? Why?

  2. What are barriers that could have prevented Jesus from talking with the woman at the well?

    How did He overcome those barriers? (John 4)

  3. What lessons can we learn about evangelism from Jesus’ conversation with the lawyer in Luke


  4. What should be the central focus of the gospel message?



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